Source: Ananova
Date: 28th July 2003

Confectioner claims new chocolates
counter ageing process

Felice chocolate:  antiaging confectionery?

Felice Chocolate: the key to eternal youth?

A German confectioner claims to have come up with the first anti-ageing chocolates.

Adolf Andersen from Hamburg developed the chocolates with Dr Michael Kentze, from the Munich-based Kentze Institute for Age-Prevention Medicine.

Made with dark chocolate, mango and soya milk, the creators believe the Felice chocolates not only make you happy, but keep you young.

Dr Kentze said: "Dark chocolate contains three times as much cacao as milk chocolate and so the concentration of phenylethylamine and polyphenol is high.

"The first substances increase the heartbeat and releases feelings of well-being. The distribution of serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline are also increased, which makes you feel more cheerful. And polyphenol protects the cells from free radicals."

He added: "Soya milk not only reduces menstrual complaints in women, but tightens the skin and protects men from prostate problems.

"Mango contains enzymes, which activate the metabolism and act to reduce inflammation."

The pair admitted that the chocolates combined with an unhealthy lifestyle would not have a great effect, but recommended one or two pralines at the end of the day with a cup of tea.

A tester for the Felice chocolates said: "They don't fill you up but you immediately feel 15 years younger."

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