Source: Webuser
Date: 20 April 2004

PC passwords traded for chocolate

chocolate: health benefits

Claire Woffenden

Would you swap the password to your computer for a bar of chocolate? More than 70 per cent of people would, a new survey has found.

According to a survey of office workers at Liverpool Street Station in London, 71 per cent were willing to part with their password for a chocolate bar.

Thirty-seven per cent immediately gave their password when asked, while a 34 per cent revealed their password when asked by the researcher if it related to something close to them.

The most common password categories were family names such as partners or children (15 per cent), followed by football teams (11 per cent), and pets (8 per cent), the most common password was “admin”.

The survey on security was conducted to coincide with Infosecurity Europe 2004, a trade show taking place at Olympia in London next week.

Claire Sellick, event director for Infosecurity Europe 2004, said: "This survey proves people are still not as aware as they could be about information security, this often comes down to poor training and procedures."

Other findings reveal that the majority of workers would take confidential information with them when they change jobs and would not keep salary details confidential if they came across them.

The report also found that in addition to using their password to gain access to their company information, two thirds of workers use the same password for personal access such as online banking and website access.

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