Source: Ananova
Date: 23rd September 2003

Children danced in liquid chocolate
after lorry overturned

chocolate: health benefits

Children in Brazil thought Christmas had come early when a tanker lorry overturned and lost its cargo of liquid chocolate.

Youngsters - and some adults - feasted on the chocolate which covered three lanes of the Pinheiros highway in Sao Paulo.

Some of the more excited children stripped to their underwear and rolled about in the road, covering themselves in chocolate, Jornal Nacional reports. Nobody was hurt in the accident but it caused tailbacks of up to seven miles.

All the cars had to wait for all the chocolate to be cleaned up before they could continue their journeys.

A police spokesperson said: "It was the best accident ever. Everyone was so happy to see all that chocolate. It was like a movie or a dream. It was difficult to get the kids out of the road."

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